Experience the Beauty of Italy Through my Lens.

Photographer based in Italy

Eternal Love from a romantic point of View


Welcome to my world of photography, where every click captures the essence of love, joy, and authentic feelings.

I’m Leonora, a passionate photographer based in the vibrant city of Milan.

With a poetic and modern vision, I specialize in love and family portraits, creating timeless images that tell the unique stories of the people in front of my lens. My approach blends a contemporary aesthetic with a deep appreciation for the authentic moments that define our lives. I believe that photography is not just about capturing moments, but about immortalizing the genuine emotions and connections that make each story unique. My style is characterized by its elegance and simplicity, ensuring that the true beauty of your relationships shines through. Whether it’s the tender glance between partners, the infectious laughter of children, or the warm embrace of family, I strive to document these interactions with a modern touch that enhances their natural beauty. Each session is a celebration of the love and joy that bind us together, and my goal is to provide you with photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime. My work is a fusion of heartfelt storytelling and a contemporary aesthetic, designed to create lasting memories that are both beautiful and meaningful.

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Kind words

“The understanding with Leonora started right away. With her camera he manages to immortalize every magical moment making it unrepeatable. She was professional before and after her service and a beautiful relationship of esteem was established with her. It was really our luck to know her!”

– Cecilia and Simone –

“Being a dynamic couple, who live a bit here and a bit abroad, it was difficult to find someone as available and flexible as Eleonora. Considering we started planning the wedding in April and got married in October we couldn’t have asked for anything better. Leonora immediately made us feel sure of being able to count on her and at the same time the burden of continuing the preparations without worrying about saying everything well in advance. During the ceremony and the celebrations she was a present but never intrusive figure. Everything we experienced on the wedding day turned into beautiful photos thanks to her work!”

– Lenny and Marco –

“Simply fabulous and super professional. She was my photographer on my wedding day and she really managed to capture the best moments without us even realizing it. Leonora you are the best!”

– Jessica and Eros –