Fotografa di Matrimoni

Italian Wedding Photographer

Mi chiamo Leonora Aricò

E sono una fotografa di Matrimoni

I’m a Wedding Photographer based in north Italy

Lago di Como – Lago Maggiore – Toscana – Sicilia – Puglia – Grecia

Fotografo principalmente persone e storie d’amore

My Best

Qui sotto trovate una mia selezione personale dei miei lavori che meglio rappresentano il mio lavoro.


about weddings, my life style and my good vibes

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Riding a boat in Como Lake

When I think of 007 movies or something to romantic I think of Riding a boat in Como Lake. In truth, it was a surprise to him to her. They travel to Italy to visit the magic places in Como. He contacts me from an agency from the UK. It wasn't easy to organize a ...

8 June 2020
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Matrimonio a Villa Negri

Poco più di un anno fa sono stata ingaggiata come fotografa di un matrimonio a Villa Negri. Villa Negri si trova a due passi da Milano, a Cassinetta di Lugagnano. Un matrimonio a Villa Negri è un matrimonio per la terra. Una cosa che non conoscevo neanche io finché non ho scoperto questa bellissima storia. ...

21 April 2020
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Wedding proposal in Villa del Balbianello

If you're looking for an amazing location for your "ask", I think a wedding proposal in Villa del Balbianello is really romantic. Villa del Balbianello is the Venue. It's Naboo in Star Wars! More and more couples choose Villa del Balbianello for their wedding. Villa del Balbianello is a Venue of FAI. Villa del Balbianello ...

23 May 2019
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Wedding in Greece with Love

"A wedding like a postcard of love" I'd the honor to photograph an amazing "Wedding in Greece with Love". Love's arrived from me and this wonderful couple in one call. Italians who have decided to get married in Mykonos, gathering their loved ones scattered around the world. We found ourselves in deep harmony right away. The ...

13 December 2018
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Honeymoon in Milan

The last month this wonderful couple contacted me from my site to ask a special service in Honeymoon in Milan. I loved shooting they in Milan Center and have breakfast in Cracco Bistrot. Choose to engage a professional photographer in Honeymoon can be a good opportunity to have nice pics. They tell me that loved …

14 October 2018
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Elopement in Italy

Who has never thought of an elopement in Italy, at least once in their life? Everbody know Italy is a good place to tell "I Love You" in the world. In these photographies I tell about romantic histories in Milan, not only fashion city, is an amazing town to make an elopement. In this shooting Diane ...

13 March 2018
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Engagement in Duomo

Engagement in Duomo Engagement in Duomo – Love Session during December It’s really true. Good things can happen even at the last minute. I was editing a video when a colleague of mine told me that a couple was looking for a photographer for a service engagement in Duomo. The nice part of living in the …

28 December 2017
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Holiday in Luxury Venue in Sicily

Holiday in Luxury Venue in Sicily Holiday in Luxury Venue in Sicily is a travel session that I made this summer in Sicily. I shooted last Summer in Sicily another beautiful travel session family. This family arrived from the USA. This is a special family. When I met Maria, she started to talk with me in …

18 October 2017
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Engagement with pizza in Italy

If we shoot an Engagement with Pizza in Italy? I cannot believe, why not?? When I met Michelle and Logan in Milan I asked what they find about an afternoon in Milan. Of course, to eat a pizza. They are two wonderful photographers for Colorado, and they’re traveling around the world like wedding destination photographer. …

21 June 2017