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Wedding Photographer in Milan
Wedding in Greece with Love
"A wedding like a postcard of love" I'd the honor to photograph an amazing "Wedding in Greece with Love". Love's arrived from me and this wonderful couple in one call. Italians who have decided to get married in Mykonos, gathering their loved ones scattered around the world. We found ourselves in deep harmony right away. The same tastes, similar experiences and above all lovers of the sun. Michele and I arrived the day before on the plane with all the guests. The weather was discouraging us. The only urgent need for history in Greece was in progress. Of course, the couple would have alternative photos in Greece in the rain. Yet, as she ...
Matrimonio ispirato al Cinema
Cinema Wedding Inspiration
Cinema Wedding Inspiration significa che l'intero matrimonio di Jessica ed Eros si è ispirato al Cinema. Ho conosciuto questa coppia tanto innamorata, in occasione del loro Save The Date tramite le ragazze di Sunday Events. Abbiamo realizzato infatti le partecipazioni di nozze come le locandine dei film. Il tema si trovava in tante piccole cose. Dal tappeto argento, come la scia della carozza di Cenerentola, in Chiesa. Dalla macchina guidata da un fanatico di Elvis. Dal Tableau Mariage e le decorazioni ai tavoli e infine dal buffet dei dolci. Quello che più mi è rimasto impresso è che nonostante la loro bellezza e anche il loro modo sincer ...
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Elopement in Italy
Who has never thought of an elopement in Italy, at least once in their life? Everbody know Italy is a good place to tell "I Love You" in the world. In these photographies I tell about romantic histories in Milan, not only fashion city, is an amazing town to make an elopement. In this shooting Diane and Albert meet in Milan in autumn to share their love. Like an intimate wedding. Two young boys fall in love and exchange their promises under a tree with yellow leaves at autumn. They communicate to world about lovely graphics. Diane wears a dress from the latest collection by Nadia Manzato. The makeup and hair were made by the talented Lina ...